In our offer you will find only classic cars, youngtimers as well as cars which are to become classic ones in the future.

They have to meet our high requirements in terms of their  technical condition as well as they cannot be vehicles commonly described as ’tired cars’.

They also need to have relatively low milenage, possibly most detailed maintenance history and to be uncrashed.

We are simple doing our best to find the best models available on the market. They are often sold by their first and only owners.

We find and import most of the cars to Poland by ourselves.

All of our cars have their customs duties paid.

At the client’s request we register the car with yellow plates (vintage car) or we help our customers to prepare all documents required for registration.
We can also provide advice in finding and importing your dream classic car from all over the world.

Every car we import is then carefully checked by vehicle diagnostic centre where it has all necessary consumable components such as fluids and oils changed.

Next, the car is placed in the so called AutoSPA where it undergoes comprehensive cleaning as well paint polishing.

We also purchase cars which require more advanced restoration works to be done (often starting from the scratch) in such cases we cooperate with professional car restoration companies only.