Below we would like to present some basic facts about classic cars and show you why it is worth buying one. The term ’classic car’ can be a little bit confusing as we do not really know what kind of car it refers to.

The exact definition is changing all the time throughout the world. The term is often used to refer to every old car. In our way of thinking, classic cars refer to pre-war cars, old-timers, young timers as well as the ones that are to become classics one day in the future.

All old cars lovers know very well that classic cars have both unique charm and character.

The additional advantage is that the purchase of such a car is considered as a great investment. The profit may reach even 20-30% per year.

This kind of investment did not use to be common in Poland, but is becoming increasingly popular today. Polish investors focus their attention on classic cars more and more often. The fashion for investing in cars started at the end of 1980s all over the world. The greatest number of car enthusiasts and connoisseurs live in the USA, France, Great Britain, Switzerland and Germany.

The cars which are produced in small number or limited edition usually reach a high value on the market. The makes that sour in value are Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz.

Let’s take the model you can see in the picture above, it is Mercedes R107 560SL, which, according to ’Oldtimer Markt’ achieved 55% increase in value in the last four years only. In 2016 the same magazine estimated its value to be 47000 Euros – as per Note1 condition.

Buying a classic car involves high costs, not only due to high costs of insurance (it comes out cheaper if we register the car as a vintage one with yellow plates), but also due to the fact, that such a car needs to be appropriately restored and maintained.

It is also a well-known fact that buying a classic car is not only a matter of money. There is also an emotional component that is involved here. It is a really nice feeling to know you have just invested in something material, not a virtual deposit. What is more, your investment has a truly unique appearance and charm.

The information above can be used as a good argument for persuading your wife while making a decision of buying another car … ;)